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Welcome to the school of magic. Here we will be learning many of the techniques that Geof Gray-Cobb, my late Father, and my late Mother Maiya taught in their own school back in the early 1970s. 

Join me as we learn all about the inner mind and what it can do for your own life journey.


Many people think they can just activate a written spell or ritual and it will work. Then when it does not they are disappointed. Magic, which is actually the shifting of energies provided by the Universe needs time and practice to understand, activate and use the Power. This is what my late father, Geof Gray-Cobb, known by his wizard name as Frater Malak created for beginners.

In these VERY beginners classes, we open up the areas and grow from within. The Powers that reside within are the magical beginnings. 

Neophyte the basis of Magic has 16 sessions. 

Novice a follow-up to Neophyte also has 16 sessions.

Learn To Read Tarot Cards. 14 sessions.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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