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You may now purchase all PDF workbooks from Geof Gray-Cobbs 50-year-old classes. All the words have been revealed to allow you to open your subconscious and KNOW how to use the power of the Universe to enlighten your life.

DRM Webstore for all items This link takes you to the main site to purchase.

3 Course PDF  Neophyte Novice and Tarot-workbook  

2 Course PDF  Neophyte and Novice 

2 Course PDF Neophyte and Tarot workbook 

Learn to Read Tarot Work Book 

Neophyte is recommended for the absolute beginner who is interested in magic/energy change. Please see the Neophyte Page

Novice is recommended to take as the follow-up and for the initiation into The Hermetic Order of Campo Santo. Please see the Novice Page

Learn To Read Tarot Cards for Beginners  VcToria follows each Session of her late Fathers works with her own way of teaching. You will by the end of the 14 Sessions in the Zoom classes be a proper Tarot reader. Please see the Tarot Page


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