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NOVICE is the follow-up to Neophyte: If you have not studied Neophyte I do not suggest you start here. Why? This is a follow-up to all that you have already learned in Neophyte.   

I will not stop you from purchasing it but only recommend it. 

Link to purchase>2 Course PDF Neophyte and Novice

In January 2022 I am starting the Zoom classes. You must have the PDF manuals to join these. They will be once a week on Wednesday evenings. The cost will be $20 per class.

After studying Neophyte, we move along the same lines but go deeper into life’s energies and offerings.

If you are following the Zoom classes, we now go to the finale of the needed work. 

By now you no doubt will understand more of what I have been talking about and by now the Universe will be showing you the amazing offerings. I hope you have taken them.

By now our visualization, channeling if this has got you to that higher point in energy activation, knowing what rituals are, knowing how to make your own and so much more has got you excited about journeying on the planet we call Earth.

So, we continue. We study more in-depth and we understand now. We look forward to the initiation of being inducted into the Hermetic Order of Campo Santo.  

We know now whether ‘teaching’ others is our calling. If so, we take the small exam and guidance from VcToria to create a new business or add to an existing one.


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