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Welcome to the school of magic. Here we will be learning many of the techniques that Geof Gray-Cobb my late Father and my late Mother Maiya taught in their own school back in the early 1970s. 

Join me as we learn all about the inner mind and what it can do for your own life journey.

The Hermetic Order of Campo Santo Mystery School has been created this year. [2021] Tarot cards will be offered as taught by Geof Gray-Cobb back in 1974.  

Use this Link to purchase just the PDF manual for Learning How To Read Tarot Cards as taught by Geof Gray-Cobb 50 years ago LINK> Learn To Read Tarot Cards


Before you do I highly recommend that you purchase both Neophyte and Tarot cards. Why? In Neophyte you learn to use the subconscious. That I turn opens the path to connect to the Tarot cards. I know as I have been a successful reader for over 25 years.  


Still Interested? See Full Description Below.

STARTING January 11th, 2022 7 pm to 8.30 pm or a wee bit later. Running each Tuesday until April 12th, 2022.

Content: Here is the Index of what we will cover but please keep in mind this was created by my late father Geof Gray-Cobb and I have updated some of which I believe enhances this work. You will be allowed to use these manuals for your own work if you have completed the entire course.

Certified? Yes. Able to teach with his works? Yes.

Still Interested? Below is the Index and I will be creating ALL 17 Sessions into 14. If you wish to buy each Zoom class and Session weekly the cost is $30 per week.  Once you sign up you will receive an email privately every Sunday so you may purchase the next course. Link> CLASS ONE PLUS MANUAL

FULL COURSE: $370.00 You have decided to purchase the FULL manual plus all 14 Sessions at once. Any classes you miss will be sent to you via a recording. Link> FULL MANUAL PLUS COMPLETE TAROT COURSE

INDEX: Introduction

Session One – Selecting Your Deck

Session Two – Understanding the Deck (Minor Arcana)

 Session Three – Understanding the Deck (Major Arcana

Session Four – The Major Arcana

Session Five – The Fool

Session Six – The Minor Arcana: The Court Cards

Session Seven – The Minor Arcana: Pentacles

Session Eight – The Minor Arcana: Wands

Session Nine – The Minor Arcana: Swords

 Session Ten – The Minor Arcana: Cups

Session Eleven – The Significator

Session Twelve – The Celtic Spread

Dropped Card

To Cut Or Not To Cut?

How To Cut The Spread

Have You Tuned In?

Session Thirteen – Honing Your Skills

No Big Secret



Thought Pause

Let Us Proceed

Session Fourteen – The Celtic Spread: Cont’d

Example Spread

Pending Fate

Personal Status


Mental State

The Result

‘Twas Brief

Best Conditions............................................

Session Fifteen – Three Simple Layouts

Basic Celtic Cross

Basic Cross And Majors

Basic Consulting Cross

Useful Thoughts

Session Sixteen – The Full Deck: Etteila Spread

Session Seventeen – The Master Therion’s Method (Modified)

First Deal: Influences of the Present Time

Second Deal: Development

Third Deal: Further Development

Fourth Deal: Detailed Development

Fifth Deal: The Final Result

How To Extend Your Capabilities

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